Enjoy a culinary journey with me as your personal Chef. 

I am proud to share truly authentic whole food recipes as an extension of my passion for food and nutrition. I believe that cooking, eating, and sharing should be an experience for all lovers of food.  Join me for an amazing cooking demonstration where you can observe with all your senses and enjoy a delicious meal while we talk about all things amazing. 

Macrobiotic Diet
Ayurveda Classes


Nutrition and Wellbeing Program

A complete program designed by Chef, Culinary Teacher and Nutrional Health Consultant, Helen Capuano. Find out how easy it is to reach your weight loss goals, and improve your health. 


6 week program


6 x 30 minute sessions


1 free follow up session


face to face, tele-health or via zoom.


Nutrition and Wellbeing Workshop

Lose weight, be educated, be inspired, be YOU! 

I lost 23kg doing 4 simple things! 


1 Hour Workshop


Available in a group setting or one-on-one session


face to face, tele-health or via zoom.

Kid's Cooking Class

Nutritional Education and Cooking Incursion for School Children

The Nutrient Chef offers a fun hands-on incursion program for school children. Workshops are delivered in the classroom or other appropriate areas within the campus. All ingredients, recipes and equipment are provided.

The program is designed to teach children the importance of nutrition, eating healthy and trying new foods.

The workshops run for 45-60 minutes and tailored to the level of the participants.

Most of all, a fun learning experience is guaranteed!



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